Sports Massage

More and more massage therapy is being accepted and used in the world of sports. Athletes all over the world are using massage therapy both before and after participation, practice and training for their sport. Studies have revealed that athletes can recover faster and preform better when massage therapy in included with-in the training/action/execution of a sport.

Sports Massage is a modality that takes into account each specific sport and the muscles and muscle groups that are involved in it. For example; swimming uses different muscles than running or racquetball…so the massage for each one of those sports would address the muscles that are typically used for that specific sport. There are going to be overlaps and the ‘core’ muscle groups are used in most sports but there are always specifics that can be treated with massage to help you to achieve excellence in your chosen field.

Sports Massage at Rest Stop Massage may include specific work for your chosen sport, to address the muscles that are typically used for your sport, or it may address problem areas that you would like to have addressed because of pain or complications. Roger is also trained in Facilitated Stretching, so your Sport Massage may also include some stretching techniques geared toward your sport and staying healthy while you work towards excellence. Many times sport injuries can heal faster or may even be prevented by massage therapy. If Roger is not totally familiar with your particular issue he will research it, study the information and bring new knowledge to your next session.