Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage is more of a name for the intended outcome wanted from a particular massage than it is an actual modality. As with  some other types of massage, a Relaxation Massage will generally incorporate strokes and techniques from other modalities such as Therapeutic Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Massage, Deep tissue Massage and many others. The Deep Tissue and Point Work would generally only be used in a Relaxation Massage in the case of very tight muscles that are directly impeding the relaxation of the client.

Usually a Relaxation Massage will consist of long/medium, slow effleurage and petrissage strokes and light to medium pressure to sedate and refresh the tense muscle tissue as well as the client herself though the gentle, healing, feel of touch. A Relaxation Massage will generally last for an hour or more so the client has enough time to sink down into the feel of the work and let go of the tensions of the day. The release of the muscles tension can be a very emotional event and sometimes triggers feelings of euphoria and well-being that can last for the remainder of the day. In many cases knots melt away and tension headaches subside with a Relaxation Massage.