Outcall Massage Therapy

Outcall Massage is when a therapist brings the massage to your location. In the majority of cases the massage is done in the home.  Some people are movement compromised, (have a hard time traveling to the massage office location), and sometimes they just prefer to receive a massage in the security and familiarity of their own home. Roger is happy to bring massage to you so you can receive the relaxation or stress relief you need without ever leaving your home.

Having a “Mini Spa Day” is starting to be a big thing now. Massage is the perfect compliment to a fun day with friends, food and conversation. Roger will bring relaxation massage to your home for a “Spa Day” or “Fun Day” with friends for 4, 5 or more people. You can all get a full 30 or 60 minute massage while having other fun things going on at the same time. To schedule a Spa Day call the office to see when Roger is available.

Outcall rates are the normal Rest Stop Massage rates plus a travel fee. Outcall is mainly done in the Greater Winona, MN area but longer travel times will be considered for a larger number of clients and/or a travel fee that covers the longer travel time and gas for vehicle.