On-Site Chair Massage

Rest Stop Massage has been a presence in many Health Fairs, Earth Days, Walks, Runs and Benefits for various causes as well as family reunions and corporate chair massage for workers and staff. Bringing Chair Massage, (or table), to an outside location makes the massage experience available in situations where it isn’t normally possible.

In most cases the massage chair is set up in a private or semi private location and a sign-up sheet or a ‘helper’ is used to coordinate the massage times for the people who are interested in receiving a massage. The massage times generally range from 5 to 15 minutes in large settings but can be as long as 30 minutes if there is a need for greater stress relief or if there are less people.

If you know of an event coming up, or if you have a family reunion or a business situation where On-Site Chair Massage would be good fit, call Rest Stop Massage to check on Rogers availability. Roger will work in many different venues and is happy to help you create a positive experience at your Sporting Event, Business Appreciation Day or Family Reunion.

To check on Rogers availability call Rest Stop Massage at: (507) 454-6508