Chair Massage

Chair massage, or On-Site Chair Massage, refers to a massage where the client is fully clothed and she sits on a specially designed ‘chair’ to receive her massage. This modality was invented and developed in the 1980’s by a well known massage practitioner named David Palmer. Chair massage takes techniques from a few different modalities such as Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage to deliver the best massage possible for a client while she is sitting and fully clothed.

Your Chair Massage technician should be certified in Chair Massage from a reputable school to insure that she is knowledgeable in the modalities that lend themselves to this unique type of massage and massage setting. The Chair Massage is portable and versatile. With On-Site Chair Massage a practitioner will go to a place of business, an event or public location and deliver the benefits of massage to people who would otherwise not have the availability or the option to receive it.

Chair Massage generally concentrates on the neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands of the client. These are all high tension areas for many people in our ‘computerized’ society so this massage modality addresses the tensions of our ‘times’ very well indeed. With this modality the  client also has the option to have specific work done on just one problematic tight area such as the neck or shoulders. The work is then concentrated in the area of concern, the muscles are released and the client can go back to work or go about her day pain free.