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Some of the services you can receive at Rest Stop Massage are: Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Therapeutic Swedish Massage, Chair Massage, Outcall Massage Therapy, On-Site Chair Massage, Gift Certificates


Relaxation Massage

Do you have stress filled days at work or at home? Rogers Stress Relief Massage can lift your outlook on life and can calm those jumpy nerves. Relax in the comfortable ‘safe space’ that Rest Stop Massage provides, listen to soothing music and feel the healing touch as your stress & tensions float away. Try a Relaxation Massage today at Rest Stop Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Do you suffer pain from overuse, poor posture, headaches or other reasons? A Deep Tissue Massage can help you with your major soft tissue aches and pains in a natural way. A Deep Tissue Massage is an excellent way to get rid of your deep down chronic and/or acute pain issues.

Sports Massage

We are seeing a great interest in massage for specific sports now. Roger continues to educate himself and study about Sports Massage and will continue to do more studying into techniques for athletes who are involved with specific sports. Each sport has it’s muscles, connective tissues and areas of the body that are in need of work as a person gets more involved with the sport. Roger is interested in helping people get to the level of expertise within their respective sport that they desire to achieve. Working together you can get to a higher level of competence,confidence and body awareness.

Outcall Massage Therapy

“Mini Spa Days” and “Fun Days” are becoming all the rage now. As something exceptional for your “Spa Day” you can have Rest Stop Massage come in to give you and your friends a relaxation massage in the comfort of your home while the rest of the fun goes on. Outcall Massage Therapy is also used for people who have a hard time traveling to the office for their massage therapy. Many people who have specific health problems that prohibit travel or make it uncomfortable to ride in a vehicle are perfect candidates for having their therapeutic, stress relief or relaxation massage in the comfort of the home.

Chair Massage

Have you ever sat so long at your computer, work station or desk that your shoulders were as tight as strings on a guitar? Well….a Rest Stop Massage Chair Massage is designed to give you superior upper body relaxation and relieve your tight muscles so you can better enjoy the rest of your day.

Therapeutic Swedish Massage

Are you working on weight loss or getting into shape through healthy eating and exercise? Therapeutic Swedish Massage can heighten body awareness. Are you a person who takes care of yourself? A Therapeutic Swedish Massage can help you to stay healthy and happy.

On-Site Chair Massage

Are you having a family reunion, company picnic, club event or gathering? Roger will work events and gatherings doing On-Site Chair Massage. Give the gift of relaxation and health to the people you care about the most, give the gift of massage!

Gift Certificates

Is it hard to think of ‘just the right gift’ for the people you love when those special occasions come around? A Gift Certificate from Rest Stop Massage could be that perfect gift. Give the gift of relaxation and health to the people you care about the most, give the gift of massage!

* Don’t see what you need? Ask Roger about other styles of massage available at Rest Stop Massage!

“Been to many places for a massage, but Roger gives the BEST deep tissue massages!” ~Mary Sue Brust, Winona, MN


“Roger Ringwelski is a great massage therapist. He provides a pleasant atmosphere with relaxing music. He massages every aching area of your body. You are SO relaxed after having one of his massages. It’s Heavenly!” ~Cathy Schofield, Winona, MN


 Will this be your first massage? Don’t know what to expect?

It makes good sense to see Roger for your first massage in the Winona area.

Roger in the session room at Rest Stop Massage

Roger Ringwelski in Rest Stop Massage’s session room

Never had a massage before? Been a long time since you’ve had one? Roger Ringwelski  is the owner and therapist at Rest Stop Massage. When you make an appointment at Rest Stop Massage you will receive therapeutic massage and/or bodywork from a skilled, expert massage therapist. There are no assembly line massages here…you get quality sessions that relax, rejuvenate and refresh! Roger believes that he has a gift to give to people. His clients find his work to be what they need and to their satisfaction. If he finds something going on with a client that he is not familiar with, he finds information on it for the clients next visit. He treats each person as an individual and works very specifically with each body to help in the healing, relaxing, reviving process.

You’ll feel better after one session and you can get….

  • *More stress relief
  • *More pain reduction
  • *Greater relaxation
  • *Deep tissue work
  • *Point work
  • *Increased circulation
  • *Heightened body awareness
  • *Sessions from a Certified Massage Therapist

There is no need to settle for an ‘assembly line’ massage when you can get quality work here at Rest Stop Massage.
Call now to set up an appointment for the best massage you’ve ever had!

Call: (507) 454-6508


Rest Stop Massage also has gift certificates available that you can use or give as a gift for a loved one who is in need of a good massage. Massage makes a WONDERFUL gift. If you want to get something special for family or friend, give the gift of a massage! Call Rest Stop Massage at (507) 454-6508 to come in to purchase a gift certificate or to set up your appointment time with Roger.

Rest Stop Massage is located in the River Plaza Building in Historic Downtown Winona. It stands within 3 blocks of many unique downtown shops and is only one block from the Levee on the Mississippi River. There is a large parking lot in back of the building, between the building and the Mississippi River, that has free parking for you while you are visiting. The office is located on one of the main downtown streets and is within comfortable walking distance from most of the shops and businesses in the entire downtown Winona area.

Rest Stop Massage provides massage services to people in Winona County as well as most of South Eastern Minnesota and South Western Wisconsin. Some of the areas served by Rest Stop Massage include the cities of: Winona, Goodview, Minnesota City, Stockton, Rochester, Lewiston, Byron, St. Charles, Rushford and Houston in Minnesota…..La Crosse, Buffalo, Dodge, Onalaska, Fountain City, Bluff Siding, Rice Lake and Cochrane in Wisconsin.