My Story

Roger says, “Read this incredible story about how Massage Therapy became my passion.”


Roger Ringwelski N.C.T.M.B. at Rest Stop Massage

Roger Ringwelski in his office at Rest Stop Massage

“Well…there I was…out of work. I had been working with my brother in his woodworking business for a number of years. He had suffered a heart attack and had closed down his business shortly afterwards.

At this point in my life I didn’t want to take just anything that came my way as employment…I wanted to do something meaningful. I wanted to do something that I could love to do. Something…something…I was looking for something…

A year passed…then two…I wasn’t finding my ‘something’ to do for employment. I tried on many  hats and shoes, working at this and that, as I searched for the right fit for myself. Nothing I tried really resonated with me the way I hoped it would. As the time past, I felt as though I wasn’t getting any closer to finding my true niche in life.

One fall day in 1999 I heard about some Tibetan Monks coming to town to build a mandala for healing. They were to build this piece of Sacred Sand Art in one week and then destroy it on the last day of their stay here. It was to be a symbol of the impermanence of life.

As one of the side offers to the building of the mandala, the monks were going to have an open meditation every morning for any community members who were interested. I decided to sit in on the meditation as something new and different to do. I had never tried meditation before.

Every day we would meet and sit with the monks. Every day we would sit a little longer than the day before. Every day they would give us little pointers and information about meditation. They encouraged us to come every day.

The monks told us that on the last day we could ask a question and it would be answered. I knew what my question would be…I was still looking for something that I could ‘do’…something meaningful that I could love to do.

The last day came and we sat in meditation with our questions. I got no answers. It was disappointing, but in the back of my mind I had doubted that it would work anyway. We all walked out of the meditation room and stood around on the lawn. I remember that it was a glorious fall day with the sun shining brightly all around us.

As I started to leave, a friend came over to say hi. As we talked, she mentioned that she was going to a beginning class for massage therapy in three weeks. A ‘feeling’ came over me. It was the feeling that I had been interested in massage before. I had never even received a massage yet…but I felt that I had been interested in massage for a long time.

With less than three weeks until the first class, I didn’t expect to find an opening, but when I finally decided to call the school…there was an opening! It seemed as though it was there…just waiting for me to call.

I started the beginning class right away that session and it was like a snowball rolling downhill. I went directly into the full massage program after the introductory class. I loved every minute of class and poured over the homework with a zest that I have never before felt for any type of schooling.

Having graduated from Sister Rosalind Gefre School of Professional Massage, I went to work right away on my National Certification and that fall, of the year 2000, I received my National Certification as a Massage Therapist and Body Worker.

“You will get great benefits from the work you receive from me because of the passion I feel for what I am now doing with my life. Helping people through massage therapy is that passion.”


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