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More About Roger Ringwelski, Certified Massage Therapist at Rest Stop Massage
***Expert Professional In Relaxation Massage, Pain Management and Sports Massage***


Rest Stop Massage features Roger Ringwelski, a certified expert in therapeutic massage. When you get a massage from Roger you are getting body-work from a well educated therapist who has been in the business of helping people since the year 2000. Roger truly cares about your ability to heal and does what he can to assist you in that process. Look at what some of his clients have to say and you’ll see why so many people love Rogers work. In the Greater Winona Area he is everything you are looking for in a massage therapist!


    • He was nationally certified, N.C.T.M.B., with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork for 16 years.
    • Has been a member of A.B.M.P., the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals since 2000
    • He graduated from Sister Rosalind Gefre School of Professional Massage in Rochester, MN, with straight A’s
    • His expertise includes: Swedish Massage, Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Chair Massage and Trigger Point
    • He’s highly skilled at finding what your body needs and absolutely can help you with your chronic or acute soft tissue problems
    • Roger is one of the very few massage therapists in the Winona area who do Outcall Massage, bringing the benefits of massage to you in the comfort of your own home.


Here’s what Roger has to say about Massage Therapy…His Passion:


Roger Ringwelski N.C.T.M.B. at Rest Stop Massage

Roger Ringwelski in his office at Rest Stop Massage

“I believe that all people should be respected for their individual uniqueness. You are special to me. Every client teaches me new ways to help others to live more relaxed lives.”    

“I am here to help you feel and live better than ever. Your peace of mind and satisfaction are directly linked to my peace of mind and satisfaction.  I’ve had extensive training, I’m flexible & tuned in to your needs and I’ll create a massage that’s tailored specifically for you to ensure you have the best massage experience ever. Whether you are looking for stress relief, pain reduction or better performance in your sport I can help you achieve your goals.”

“I can help most people in some way. My work includes very fragile older persons to the most vigorous athletes. The people who will benefit the most from massage are the people who actually want to do something better for themselves and are willing to do some stretches or take some form of action by themselves for themselves. My bodywork is a foundation for people to work with, and off of, for their journey to health and happiness.”

“Over the years I’ve had many people come to me for relaxation massage but I am also trained in many other modalities of therapeutic massage. People come to me for a variety of massage types and most get excellent results from my work. One client in particular comes to mind…He had been suffering with chronic pain for over 30 years. As he came in for regular massage sessions he began to have more pain-free days and was able to move much better. Now he has rediscovered his passion for gardening and is finding more flexibility as he continues to improve.”

“I believe that I have a gift to give to people. My clients find my work to be what they need and to their satisfaction. If I find something going on with a client that I have limited knowledge about, I will find information about it for the clients next visit. I treat each person as an individual and I work specifically with each body to help in the healing, relaxing and reviving process.” 


Roger is an outdoor enthusiast and has a great love of Nature in all it’s forms.


Roger Ringwelski Race-walking.

Here’s Roger Race-walking in a 5K last fall.

A great love of nature and a reverence for life is a big part of who Roger is and his strong feelings for health and fitness spill over into his passion for massage therapy in so many ways. His love of fitness spurs him on to his study into sports massage and to develop the deep tissue work that he is so loved and well known for.

Roger spends as much of his free time being out in nature as he can. He loves to bike, hike, ski, boat and board. You can find him walking around Lake Winona on a cool spring morning, or spinning up Garvin Heights on his bicycle in the heat of summer evening. In the dead of winter you may catch him skiing on the backwaters or looking for a pristine slope to run with his snowboard.


Roger Ringwelski snowboarding

Roger has a great love of winter and winter sports. He LOVES to snowboard and ski in the winter.

The common thread to all of this is Rogers personal beliefs in activity, health and his genuine love of life. Roger loves to help others and it shows in everything he does from his past involvement with Restorative Justice to his strong passion for helping people with his work in therapeutic massage.

Roger believes in staying active, stretching your mind and your body, eating a healthy diet and choosing to  help other people in some way. We can all find ways to be a better person and we can help others by living a full and joyous life as an example of what is possible.

Roger says, “Life is GRAND! Live it while you can!”

Here’s some referrals. THIS is why Roger is considered one of the best massage therapists in Winona County and the entire Winona area:


“Roger R. offers a 1st class experience in relaxation and pain relief. His strength, synthesis skills and empathy add up to me feeling much better. It’s always a transforming session with his *Hands From The Hillsides* in Bluff Country.” ~Roger Lacher, Winona,MN

“I am always impressed with Rogers skill and knowledge. I feel that he continues to educate himself about the workings of the muscles and new techniques for the best massage.” ~Nadine Bayer

“After over 30 visits to the Chiropractor in 3 months, I still felt horrible, so I decided to try something different. Roger was able to have me feeling better after the first visit, and much better after only a few more visits. One on one time allowed Roger to work on specific areas, the areas that needed it! We even had Roger give chair massages at our wedding; everyone loved it. Thanks Roger!” ~Marvin Dawson Bausman III Composites Engineer Winona, MN

“In a busy world of our lives, Massage Therapy is one way to “de-stress” from that. Thanks to Rogers training and techniques, my co-workers even sense when I have had a massage. Thanks Rog!” ~Roger Andring, Winona, MN


Client Quotes:

“Strong & steady hands, generous clock value, handy location, very professional.”

“Excellent technique, amount of pressure used, professionalism.”

“You relieve my pain & tightness out of my neck & back. Also going beyond the scheduled appointment to make sure I am pain free and you’ve done the work I need to feel better.”

“I like your pleasant, peaceful demeanor. You are trustworthy and a true healer.”

“I like your quiet, friendly, respectful manner.”

“You are consistent. I can count on you to give your full attention and the quality of the massage is always excellent!”


Rest Stop Massage also has gift certificates available that you can use or give as a gift for a loved one who is in need of a good massage. Massage makes a WONDERFUL gift. If you want to get something special for family or friend, give the gift of a massage! Call Rest Stop Massage at (507) 454-6508 to come in to purchase a gift certificate or to set up your appointment time with Roger.

Rest Stop Massage is located in the River Plaza Building in Historic Downtown Winona. It stands within 3 blocks of many unique downtown shops and is only one block from the Levee on the Mississippi River. There is a large parking lot in back of the building, between the building and the Mississippi River, that has free parking for you while you are visiting. The office is located on one of the main downtown streets and is within comfortable walking distance from most of the shops and businesses in the entire downtown Winona area.

Rest Stop Massage provides massage services to people in Winona County as well as most of South Eastern Minnesota and South Western Wisconsin. Some of the areas served by Rest Stop Massage include the cities of: Winona, Goodview, Minnesota City, Stockton, Rochester, Lewiston, Byron, St. Charles, Rushford and Houston in Minnesota…..La Crosse, Buffalo, Dodge, Onalaska, Fountain City, Bluff Siding, Rice Lake and Cochrane in Wisconsin.