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Roger Ringwelski ~ Owner/Therapist ~ Rest Stop Massage

***Expert Professional In Relaxation Massage, Pain Management and Sports Massage***

Massage Therapist Roger Ringwelski N.C.T.M.B.

Massage Therapist Roger Ringwelski In His Office

Rest Stop Massage is owned and operated by Roger Ringwelski. It has been a “Standard of Excellence” for therapeutic massage in the Winona and the surrounding areas since 2000. If you are looking for massage therapy for any reason…look no farther!

Many people say that Roger Ringwelski is the best massage therapist in the Winona area. Rest Stop Massage is where you can find out first-hand how Roger can help you get the results you’re looking for and provide you with the best massage you’ve ever had! Discover the many benefits of massage by using Rest Stop Massage for your first massage in the Winona area. You will be very happy that you did!


Book a massage today and learn why Roger Ringwelski is one of the most renowned massage therapists in the Winona area! Call (507) 454-6508 to drop your stress level back down to zero. Roger will also come to your home to bring the benefits of massage right to you. Find out more about Outcall Massage in the comfort of your own home.


“Because of Rogers high skill level, professionalism and personal integrity I am able to truly receive the benefits of deep tissue work and complete relaxation. Roger has a clear energy and a healing approach and is a highly skilled massage therapist.”

Gretchen Cohenour, Winona, MN


If You’re Looking For Your First Massage….RELAX And Enjoy The Wonderful Experience!

Rest Stop Massage Session Room.

Rest Stop Massage Session Room…Relax and ENJOY!

Is this your first massage? Don’t know what to expect? No worries! Roger knows that it can be stressful when you receive your first massage. He will sit down with you before the session to make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable while you are in his office. Roger always has a friendly, professional attitude and for first time clients Roger talks you through the whole process of receiving a massage so you’ll know what to expect before, during and after the session. Any questions that you have are answered and your specific issues are addressed in an honest and ethical manner. At Rest Stop Massage every session starts with a personal consultation with Roger to share your goals and objectives for your massage. Together you will get to a higher level of relaxation, pain reduction and body awareness.

ABMPExpectAssociatedColorIt makes good sense to see Roger for your first massage in the Winona area.

When you’re looking for a massage therapist in Winona, make sure that the therapist you choose has certain credentials and skill levels. With Roger you’ll find everything you need and want in a massage therapist. Being certified as a Professional Massage Therapist, being a long time member of A.M.B.P., having been a Nationally Certified Therapist for 16 years and having a thriving business since the year 2000 makes him a good choice for the first time massage client as well as the veteran who has received many massages of all types.   Roger has what it takes…he has:

  • A dedicated professional attitude at all times, highly ethical, warm and friendly
  • A full client list and a history of proven results
  • The ability to find your knots, stress points and ‘tight spots’ and melt them away
  • The best possible training from one of the highest regarded massage schools in Minnesota
  • Was Nationally Certified as a Therapeutic Massage Professional for 16 years and has been a member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, A.B.M.P. since 2000.
  • The desire and intent to ‘go the extra mile’ for clients in need of flexibility of time or location


Winona's Sugar Loaf with a full moon

Rest Stop Massage is located in the Historic River town of Winona, MN. Here is a picture of the well known Winona landmark Sugar Loaf basking in the light of an early morning full moon. Winona sits just below this legendary landmark.

“Roger is a wonderful massage therapist. He is a caring person who works to help give me the relief from chronic pain that I experience in my back. He is very strong, yet gentle and makes sure that I am comfortable while I am getting a massage. His office is a very peaceful and comfortable place to be. I am thankful for Rogers help through the years.” ~Jill Borgwardt, Winona, MN


“Massage therapy at Rest Stop Massage is the very best experience I have had with massage. It is a stress relieving, relaxing experience that makes me feel like a new person. Roger has a way with deep tissue massage that works out all the kinks.” ~Rick Mueller, Onalaska, WI


“Roger’s skillful massages and careful explanations of how my muscles work make a huge difference in my physical well being. Seeing him on a regular basis significantly improves my quality of life.” ~Rob Brault, University Professor, Winona, MN



Rest Stop Massage also has gift certificates available that you can use or give as a gift for a loved one who is in need of a good massage. Massage makes a WONDERFUL gift. If you want to get something special for family or friend, give the gift of a massage! Call Rest Stop Massage at (507) 454-6508 to come in to purchase a gift certificate or to set up your appointment time with Roger.

Rest Stop Massage is located in the River Plaza Building in Historic Downtown Winona. It stands within 3 blocks of many unique downtown shops and is only one block from the Levee on the Mississippi River. There is a large parking lot in back of the building, between the building and the Mississippi River, that has free parking for you while you are visiting. The office is located on one of the main downtown streets and is within comfortable walking distance from most of the shops and businesses in the entire downtown Winona area.

Rest Stop Massage provides massage services to people in Winona County as well as most of South Eastern Minnesota and South Western Wisconsin. Some of the areas served by Rest Stop Massage include the cities of: Winona, Goodview, Minnesota City, Stockton, Rochester, Lewiston, Byron, St. Charles, Rushford and Houston in Minnesota…..La Crosse, Buffalo, Dodge, Onalaska, Fountain City, Bluff Siding, Rice Lake and Cochrane in Wisconsin.